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M$ Kills “8”

Not content with changing the user interface, M$ is making it difficult to bypass: “Microsoft has taken away the UI people know, crippled it with the removal of the Start button and minimize/maximize/close buttons, and put in its place a … Continue reading

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Samsung Announces Killer ARM Cortex A15 CPU

Gone are the days of whimpy memory bandwidth. This thing sports 12.8 gB/s. The Exynos 5 has dual-core 1.7gHz processors and a 2560×1600 display. That’s good enough for most desktops and it is sampling now. All this comes with 30% … Continue reading

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IDC on IT Cost Optimization

This is what IDC is telling governments about managing the costs of IT. “ Reducing IT waste. These are the lowest-hanging fruits, the initiatives that could be considered even in the case of increasing ICT investments, so that unproductive investments … Continue reading

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