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Desktop Android?

The pieces of the puzzle are coming together. I predicted a while back that */Linux on ARM would invade the “personal computing” space including notebooks and desktops. The Chromebook has been produced in strength and millions will ship this year, … Continue reading

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Another Government Increasing and Encouraging Open Source Use

“the amount of money the government has budgeted for buying proprietary software licences will be lowered to 750,000 euro, a reduction of 25 per cent compared to last year. "We will use these savings on further developing Platino. And we’re … Continue reading

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Revolt of the “Independent” Software Vendors

For decades, M$ has enslaved all of its customers, “partners” and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors). They have all been enlisted to prop up the monopoly in PC operating systems. The ISVs, while supposedly independent, were made dependent by offering “inside … Continue reading

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