M$ Blinks, Kills Hotmail

M$ is killing the Hotmail brand and replacing it with Outlook.com…

Microsoft said that in many cases email had become a "chore" because its users accounts had become "overloaded" with material.

…not to mention spam-filled, the reason I quite Hotmail many years ago, and unreliable. I doubt changing the brand will dig M$’s e-mail service out from under its burden of being run by a bunch of salesmen.

see BBC News – Hotmail to be replaced by Outlook.com in Microsoft switch.

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  1. ch says:

    “…not to mention spam-filled, the reason I quite Hotmail many years ago, and unreliable.”

    While my main mail account is elsewhere, I eventually got myself a secondary account at Hotmail – just for the heck of it. I tried another freemailer before, and – although I hadn’t given the new adress to anyone – within weeks the inbox was filled with hundreds of spam mails, so I quit there. I can’t remember getting any spam ever in my Hotmail box – there might have been one over the years, but it’s definitely not “spam-filled”. And I can’t complain WRT reliability – it just works.

    Only slight quibble: When I installed the Office 2013 preview, setting up Outlook to connect to my Hotmail account required googling – WTF? Yeah, it’s just a beta, but still …

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