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Gartner Gets That “The Technology Platform of the Future” is Diffuse

“not that long ago, people’s most sophisticated computing experience was at work, and computing was limited at home. Now, in most cases, the opposite is true. The consumerization of IT is a result of the availability of excellent devices, interfaces … Continue reading

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Canalys – 2012 PC Shipments Up – That Other OS Down

Canalys, almost getting the definition of personal computer right, names Apple as the number one shipper in Q2 and points out that M$ is down to 73% of units shipped. If they included smart phones as computers, that share would … Continue reading

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M$ Blinks, Kills Hotmail

M$ is killing the Hotmail brand and replacing it with Outlook.com… Microsoft said that in many cases email had become a "chore" because its users accounts had become "overloaded" with material. …not to mention spam-filled, the reason I quite Hotmail … Continue reading

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