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Gartner on PC Shipments in Asia-Pacific Region

“Asia Pacific personal computer (PC) shipments totaled 30.3 million units in the second quarter of 2012, a 2.6 percent decline compared with the same quarter in 2011, according to Gartner, Inc. The most notable decline came from China’s PC market … Continue reading

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PC OEMs in Revolt Against M$

“HP has already decided to halt development of Windows RT tablet PCs, while Dell reportedly may also back away from the segment, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.” via Digitimes – Microsoft fails to pacify PC vendors about … Continue reading

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“You’d be a fool to use anything but Linux” SJVN quotes Google. It’s a great line and it’s the truth. As much as naysayers condemn GNU/Linux on the desktop, it sure beats the alternatives every way imaginable: price, security, flexibility … Continue reading

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Got an Old *TX PC Kicking Around? Newegg Can Help You Turn It Into An Android Desktop for $64.99

There are a few things that can go wrong with old ATX PCs but a swap of components can often fix them. Here’s your chance to swap a dead/old motherboard with a new/live neo-ITX mogtherboard sporting an ARMed processor and … Continue reading

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Acer and Marketing

Acer is one of the top five PC OEMs unless you count small cheap computers. Lately they are having growth pains, building stuff no one wanted and stuffing channels. I guess they’ve seen the light and intend to remedy that. … Continue reading

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Hardware Roulette

I needed to buy a card-reader to replace one that died so I stopped by at Walmart on this hot afternoon. The store had expanded and moved the electronics department so I had a bit of exercise and actually walked … Continue reading

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Apple v Samsung Jury Went for a Nantucket Boat Ride

A “Nantucket boat ride” happens when you hook into a whale and it tows your boat… This can be dangerous. It was for the jury. Their fearless leader had no idea what “prior art” meant and decided no prior art … Continue reading

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Apple v GNU/Linux

It never ceases to amaze me the forms that FUD takes. Look what just popped up, FUD about GNU/Linux even being in M$’s league. Now folks are writing that GNU/Linux is not even in Apple’s league on the desktop… “But … Continue reading

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Another “Killer” Feature of That Other OS Gone

We all know there are a few valid reasons to use that other OS. One is playing DVDs. “No, I’m not making this up. Come the day you buy a Windows 8 PC, or if you’re brave enough to install … Continue reading

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If You Pound Your Head Against a Wall for Two Years and Nothing Happens, Why Continue?

It used to be said that if what you are doing is not working, you should change. IDC seems to miss that point in a recent news article: “The U.S. market will remain depressed until Windows 8 products hit the … Continue reading

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Backlash Has Begun Against Apple…

” I watched a guy with his friend, pick up a newspaper; and start to remark on the Samsung Apple verdict. Guy: “Wait, so what they’re saying is, Samsung is the same as Apple?” Friend: “I know, right? Makes me … Continue reading

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Second-guessing Police at the Shooting Near the Empire State Building

There are times when bad things happen and one has to react to get out of an emergency. Fight or flight responses kick in but don’t work very well when firearms are involved in the emergency. Bullets are just too … Continue reading

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