GNU/Linux Poised To Dominate San Francisco DMA: Net Applications

According to Net Applications, GNU/Linux is rapidly gaining share in the “designated market area” of San Francisco:

Week of Share GNU/Linux
July 8


July 15


July 22


Combined with that other OS being down to 42% the future is clear, M$’s OS is just another player in a free market with choices available. A year ago, they were showing 23% for GNU/Linux. For all of California, they report 7.6% GNU/Linux. This likely means more than Google are using GNU/Linux for desktops.

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2 Responses to GNU/Linux Poised To Dominate San Francisco DMA: Net Applications

  1. oiaohm says:

    Roy as far as I know android/ubuntu tablets are not released by OEMs in major numbers yet.

    Ubuntu can be after installed yes on android by Linux on Android. But this is end consumer intervention.

    This is also not exactly nice either. VNC client to the Ubuntu.

    Really android/ubuntu full hybred will line up with wayland on android that is still a while off.

    Roy either way its more users installing Linux even if the items are not PCs.

    Yes the next wave of Linux on Android devices is not format over but And format.

    Roy also I would not be too sure on the numbers. Recent black hat conference OS counts. Yes physically lets look at that Machine and see what OS it is running. Put GNU/Linux ahead of Microsoft. It was about a 1/3 split between GNU/Linux, OS X and Windows. This is also the highest number of Linux record at those conferences.

    Also what was shocking was the dual boot count was almost zero. Yes it s physical count dual boots and all.

    Finally there was almost zero people who did not come threw the door without a device even that its enter at your own risk to your device.

    That was no android or OSi stuff. Those were counted separately.

    Really I would like to have some more on the ground numbers like that. Black Hat conferences you would not exactly call general public. You need a few more real market segment numbers to see what is going on.

  2. Roy says:

    How do we know the increase is from desktops using GNU/Linux. Couldn’t the increase be from (android/ubuntu) tablets?

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