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GNU/Linux Poised To Dominate San Francisco DMA: Net Applications

According to Net Applications, GNU/Linux is rapidly gaining share in the “designated market area” of San Francisco: Week of Share GNU/Linux July 8 29% July 15 31% July 22 33% Combined with that other OS being down to 42% the … Continue reading

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Databases Expensive? Oracle offers route from SQL Server to MySQL

“The latest version of MySQL Workbench has a new migration wizard designed to provide an easy way to migrate databases from third party products to MySQL. This first version of the wizard lets you migrate from Microsoft SQL Server and … Continue reading

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The Cost of Lock-in Prevents Big Business Adopting “7”

He who lives by the sword dies by it… M$ locked big business into using IE6 long ago and now finds the lock-in is so powerful it prevents big business from using “7”… Chuckle. “web browser specialist Browsium, which said … Continue reading

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