The World is not Loving Apple’s Small Expensive Computers

Financial Times reports the uneven success of Apple in flooding the world with iThingies. They still have few stores in China and it shows. As well, the hot emerging markets are price-sensitive and Apple’s prices make their products second or third choices.

The world, apparently, does not love small expensive computers although USA does. Coincidentally, USA also loves M$’s OS even though it costs twice as much to use it and has all kinds of drawbacks. Apple’s made in USA business plan seems to work there but not elsewhere when price/performance matters. The cult of Apple thins out as distance increases from USA.

For example, in USA, Android/Linux smart phones have 50% higher share than iOS but in China, Android/Linux has 450% higher share than iOS and more units are being sold in China than USA.

see Apple struggles in emerging markets –

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4 Responses to The World is not Loving Apple’s Small Expensive Computers

  1. oe says:

    20 years ago apple was premium hardware with good build quality that was better than the beigebox. About the time they went oversea’s to manufacture their stuff was not better, sometimes worse, than the garden variety machine and serious a pain to inter-operate with generic hardware. Linux circa 2003-4 was eclipsing them hence and interest in their stuff died at that point….

  2. oiaohm says:

    Phenom Good device in quality does not always equal expensive.

    The question is Apple really worth is price tag. There is a good chance its not.

  3. Phenom says:

    In other words, developing countries have no money to spend on good and expensive home devices. Gee, I would have never figured that out myself! 🙂

  4. Mats Hagglund says:

    The reason why Apply is successful in US might be simple – Apple is religion. Microsoft doesn’t have any glamour at all but the idea to have Mac, iPhone and iPad makes many people believing they are part of something “very special”.

    I’ve heard many people being desperate for their Windows computers and planning to buy Apple. Heck – paying twice more for new computer just for using Facebook, Google, Youtube etc ordinary computing. It’s just because media talk mostly about Windows and then Mac as the only alternative. It’s amazing how many editors of media are so full of love with Apply. Looks like typical editor in west believes in Greens and Apply.

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