Apple Stole Rounded Rectangle From Sony Who Stole It From Sinclair Who…

Really, there is nothing unusual about rounded rectangles:

  • Apple is suing Samsung claiming Samsung stole it from Apple but
  • Apple stole it from Sony,
  • who may have copied it from Sinclair,
  • who may have copied it from Star Trek,
  • who may have got it from the Ancients
    and they probably rounded the corners to keep them from breaking.

“A recent court filing by Samsung reveals that in 2006 Apple industrial designer Shin Nishibori was directed to design an iPhone prototype inspired by Sony’s aesthetics after Tony Fadell internally circulated an interview with a designer from the company. An assortment of renders reveal his design, complete with a Sony logo — save for one where the logo has been modified to read "Jony," presumably in honor of Apple’s Jony Ive.”

see Apple Stole iPhone Design From Sony, Patented It And Sued Everyone Else – Muktware.

More at Apple v. Samsung: 5 Surprising Reveals in Latest Court Documents

This is one of several reasons why I hold Apple in low esteem. My contempt is compounded by their hypocrisy and the courts’ deference to them.

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4 Responses to Apple Stole Rounded Rectangle From Sony Who Stole It From Sinclair Who…

  1. oldman wrote, of Samsung’s tablet, “too closely copied a major competitor”.

    Samsung wanted to present concrete proof via prototypes it developed before Apple’s release that Samsung independently developed the device before Apple. The judge found the evidence was brought up too late and refused to admit it. Nevertheless I can state with some confidence that Apple’s whole suit is baseless. Apple seems to have found a very friendly judge. I doubt a finding for Apple will survive appeal. Finding evidence late in the process is not a basis to exclude the evidence if it is pivotal. That is a basis to extend the pre-trial period. Both Apple and Samsung presented this evidence publicly but now Apple is asking punishment for Samsung over it. Where is the justice when Apple can lie in public but Samsung is not allowed a defence?

  2. oldman says:

    “Advice from a neighbour is not legally binding…”

    Irrelevant. Google the creator of the OS that Samsung relied on to make their product demanded that they avoid a design that too closely copied a major competitor. Samsung was obviously not bound to take googles demand into consideration (stupid contract writing on googles part IMHO). If Samsung is not lucky, this fact will server as evidence of willful infringement on apples patent.

  3. Advice from a neighbour is not legally binding…

  4. Ivan says:

    Even Google told Samsung not to do that:

    Google told Samsung that its “P1” and “P3” Android tablets — the devices that would become the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1 — looked “too similar” to Apple’s iPad. Google demanded “distinguishable design vis-à-vis the iPad for the P3.” This information was included in an unredacted trial brief.

    Then again if you want to support cheap knockoffs…

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