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My Son, the Master Angler (unofficially)

Just returned from a fishing expedition with my son less than a mile from home. In an hour he caught two catfish, one 34 inches long, good enough for a “Master Angler” award. It took ages to haul it in. … Continue reading

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Is Linux ready for your PC? – Times Of India

The Times of India, the world’s largest English newspaper in circulation (3 million) has an article promoting GNU/Linux on the desktop. India is one of the countries with a government promoting GNU/Linux. This article is an indication that GNU/Linux on … Continue reading

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Student Agitates for GNU/Linux in his School

I feel vindication. Here, my efforts are scorned by several commentators because I advocated and installed GNU/Linux in many schools because it works and fits well with educational systems. IT needs to thrive in schools and a model that business … Continue reading

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Lenovo: Tablets Can be Used for Production

Lenovo is investigating and has filed an application for a patent for keyboards that snap onto a tablet so that real typing can work. I would buy that especially if the tablet tipped up some way to give a better … Continue reading

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MIT Builds 96-Core Ubuntu ARM Solar-Powered Cluster

A group at MIT assembled a stack of ARMed motherboards in a trash-can. 96 cores drew a bit more than 200W full out. Phoronix and MIT will publish benchmarks later. I would bet that gadget would put my Beast to … Continue reading

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