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BBC: A New ICT Curriculum

I have two conflicting views on top-down decisions in organizations like schools: sometimes the PHB messes up everything, or sometimes it’s necessary to break things. School’s out on this one, literally. The UK is commanding a new curriculum in high … Continue reading

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Walmart: Bundling the Bundle

The one creation of M$, bundling the OS with the PC, is getting tired. Prices are so low that it’s hard to hide a few dollars for the OS in a box. M$ wants to charge something like $50 to … Continue reading

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What M$ Said And What They Didn’t Say

Well, M$’s annual report makes interesting reading… What M$ said What M$ didn’t say. “The Windows & Windows Live Division revenue declined 13% for the fourth quarter and 3% for the full year.” Not good for a monopoly like us. … Continue reading

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