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Google’s Loss is Yahoo’s Gain

Losing a smart executive with a long history at Google could indicate many things: Google is short-sighted and didn’t offer appropriate challenges, Google’s new boss squeezed her out, She got tired of waiting for a higher positions, or Google has … Continue reading

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MIMO Prepares to Slide LibreOffice Into French Ministries

They were using OpenOffice.org but with the fork to LibreOffice, “We chose LibreOffice because we lacked visibility into the OpenOffice product and its roadmap … When we saw that the OpenOffice community was not so active and had not released … Continue reading

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The Brilliance of M$

M$ and its fans are only too willing to tout the energy and excellence of M$’s work and products. How, then, does stuff like this happen? Skype text messages I received have gone to another contact: “Few days ago one … Continue reading

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Smaller and Cheaper Computers Keep Getting Better

I doubt PCs will get much smaller than this or people would lose them… Prices are pretty good too, well under $100. I expect from now on, folks will have their PCs built into the monitor, keyboard and mice, just … Continue reading

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“8” Is Neck-deep In Its Own Mess

In his investigations of the response of the world to “8” and “secure boot”, SJVN reports: “In my conversations with original equipment manufacturers (OEM)s many of them have also had trouble laying their hands on this hardware. With Windows 8 … Continue reading

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Breakfast, From My Garden

Well, it’s not all from my garden. I did buy the bread, mushrooms and mayonnaise but the radishes and beet-tops are. Next year, I will have mushrooms in my yard as well. The lawn is producing nicely and next year … Continue reading

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“Partners” Depart

Planning to work for a living, eventually, M$ got out of MSNBC. NBC, desiring freedom, waved “Good-bye”. This partnership was forged in the bad old days of the OS wars when M$ was trying to lock everyone into their platform. … Continue reading

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