Ubuntu GNU/Linux in India

Muktware has two articles about Ubuntu GNU/Linux in India. This is a huge market where GNU/Linux has great advantages over that other OS. Many users do not have high speed Internet access so the ability to supply DVDs with the OS, applications and drivers all in one package is a particular advantage to GNU/Linux:

“small PC shop keepers as they can sell such DVDs for ₹ 20 25(a DVD costs around ₹ 5 10 so they will still make a profit of ₹ 15 per DVD. It will still be more than ₹ 11,400 cheaper than Windows.) The good news is these DVDs, unlike Windows, can be used on multiple machines.”

Swapnil Bhartiya observes that gaming is a small niche in India and most users use gaming consoles and not general-purpose PCs for gaming. Also, video editing is about the only other niche where GNU/Linux is not the best choice. That leaves a market of ~1billion people wide open for GNU/Linux based on

  • Ubuntu is free of cost.
  • Ubuntu is free of viruses
  • All the apps you need
  • No Need To Buy New Machines
  • Managing your machine

Combine these advantages with Canonical’s moves with Dell and local businesses in India and one sees a green field for rapid expansion of GNU/Linux desktops/notebooks/server in just about all areas of Indian IT.
“Ubuntu is picking up momentum in India. One of the leading vendors Dell recently announced to sell Ubuntu PCs through over 850 stores in India. Now and Indian based company has also announced to start selling Ubuntu pre-installed PC in the country.
Niam Computers will become the first Indian company to sell Ubuntu PCs. There is a high demand for Linux based PCs in education and public sectors of India. This demand is partly due to promotion of LUGs and as well as the involvement of the governments. This demand creates a huge opportunity for companies like Niam and Dell.”

Once these OEMs and local businesses offer GNU/Linux it will spread like dandelions and every Mom and Pop shop selling PCs with illegal copies of that other OS will get on the bandwagon. Every other Indian is an entrepreneur. There’s no limit to how far GNU/Linux will spread. There is a huge pool of educated man and woman-power in India to build a modern IT system for the country and GNU/Linux and FLOSS allow India to keep a lot of the economic benefit at home where it belongs.

see India Can Be Ubuntu's Impenetrable Fort.

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  1. Amen.

    search f-secure via Google with “site:f-secure.com “threat description” linux” and I get 87 hits. That other OS? 1390. For GNU/Linux there have been no hits in the last year. That other OS? 31. I think f-secure is not counting lots of stuff.

  2. dougman says:

    Ubuntu free from viruses, malware and needless reboots.

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