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Rebooting Leap-second Lapses

Hmmm… “Whatever the cause, the bug disrupted the Saturday evenings of many a system administrator. On the Time-Nuts mailing list, one admin reported spending the evening rebooting hundreds of servers.” If you ever need to reboot hundreds of GNU/Linux servers, … Continue reading

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Mine and Counter-mine; What could possibly go wrong?

If you think scattering mines all over Cambodia was a bad idea, what do you think of the US Navy countering Iran’s threat to mine the Gulf of Arabia by deploying robotic Kamikaze mines? “The Sea Fox submersibles, manufactured by … Continue reading

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Rotten Herring in Helsinki – Gartner is Behind the Secrecy

The IT department of Helsinki made a deal with Gartner to study the cost of migration to FLOSS. Lo, and Behold! The IT department says the costs are too high but cannot reveal the details… Isn’t that suspicious that a … Continue reading

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Going Off The Rails: Finnish city of Tampere to Begin Pilot with OpenOffice.org

There is a right way and a wrong way to pilot FLOSS. Installing FLOSS applications on that other OS in parallel with IE and M$’s office suite is OK but it’s walking a tightrope. Using both office suites at once … Continue reading

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Terrorists Operating in Canada?

This story caught my eye. It’s more than a little strange… Basically, a woman has been arrested apparently for sending and attempting to carry parts of a firearm to Lebanon. It is alleged that the intended recipient is part of … Continue reading

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M$ Takes Two Hits in Second Quarter of 2012

While shipments of PCs were flat in 2Q, they were down 5.7% in USA from last year according to Gartner. M$ makes a huge percentage of its revenue in USA, 55%. Also, M$ had the write-off for an advertising acquisition … Continue reading

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FLOSS in Government

Politicians tend to be reactionary. They see which way the wind is blowing and run that way to maximize votes and ensure re-election. The fact that politicians are stepping up and promoting FLOSS is a sure sign that FLOSS is … Continue reading

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Important/Critical Vulnerabilities in That Other OS

After reading comments on this blog by supporters of that other OS and critics of GNU/Linux I was shocked (really, “How is this possible?” and “I don’t believe this is happening.” shocked…) to read some of the details of recently … Continue reading

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Ubuntu GNU/Linux in India

Muktware has two articles about Ubuntu GNU/Linux in India. This is a huge market where GNU/Linux has great advantages over that other OS. Many users do not have high speed Internet access so the ability to supply DVDs with the … Continue reading

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