Wintel Stalls

According to IDC:

“The U.S. market fared worse than expected, shrinking by 10.6% compared to a forecast of -4.4%. Most vendors and their channel partners struggled with shrinking demand as a saturated market and lack of incentives are leading buyers to delay purchases of PCs for the time being. Among the top-tier leaders, only Lenovo managed to maintain positive momentum by growing its channel reach and being more aggressive against its”

At the same time, Lenovo and ASUS showed decent growth and Lenovo is about to overtake HP.

This is another symptom of the decline of Wintel. No one is excited about buying the latest and greatest stuff from M$ or Intel on the desktop/notebook markets. Guess who’s shipping GNU/Linux in quantity? Lenovo and ASUS. Dell had a big decline despite shipping GNU/Linux but they have plans to ramp up shipments to India and China.

via Global PC Shipments Stalled in the Second Quarter While Buyers Remain Cautious And Market Waits For New Products, According to IDC – prUS23584912.

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  1. Yonah says:

    Allow me reach back into the past and pull out this goody:

    Now for the tasty bits in chronological order with bold text added to the juiciest elements and my own added remarks in italicized parentheses:

    Oiaohm: Opera browser has in fact changed engines over the years. (Yes, they have, according to this: ) Yonah Current one is in fact using webkit in places. (Citation, please.)And the first version of Opera was using code from khtml. (Citation, please.) The prior to webkit existence.

    Yonah: KHTML came 2 years after the initial release of Opera. ( )

    Oiaohm: Yonah “KHTML came 2 years after the initial release of Opera.” True. But 3 years after its release it started using parts from KHTML. (Citation, please.) Before that it was using a open source javascript processing engine. (Citation, please.) Complete life of what parts Opera has been using is interesting. (A life which you seem to be very confused about, pending citations.)

    So, when pointed out he was wrong, he just moves the time of his claim forward. Yet, despite my own searching of “da web” using Google, Bing, and even Baidu (aka Chinese Google), I wasn’t able to find a single statement that confirms what Oiaohm claimed to be true.

    Claims, but no citations. That’s the bottom line. Oiaohm, you say things that can’t be backed up by anyone… except you. Therein lies the problem. It’s my opinion, read that word again, OPINION, that you live partially in a fantasy world of your own creation. A “FOSS Centrist” world where FOSS is at the heart of everything much in the same way that a person who believes in God puts their belief in God at the center of their existence. I think for you the truth is whatever you want it to be. You might say that’s just part of being human, but that doesn’t make it acceptable.

    So… in honor of a great game I once played, I’ll form my request as follows: Would you kindly provide a link to back up your claim that the Opera Web browser, 3 years after it’s public release with version 2.0 in 1996, began using KHTML code anywhere in their software since version 2.0.

    Oh, and there’s also your claim that a question mark is not needed when the succeeding sentence answers the previous sentence. (I.E. Does Microsoft care about you. No, they don’t.) As always, the unwashed masses beneath you are waiting for a few drops of your vast knowledge to spill from your overfilled cup. Checkmate.

  2. Oldman says:

    Mr microsoft VAR. You have been exposed at knowing nothing about the current state of IBM power hardware. You have been shown to know nothing about storage virtualization. These were not innocent gaffs. You spoke of each as if you were an expert.

    No amount of weaseling around is going to change these facts.

    As I have said time and time again, you are nothing but a nameless nym. You have no credentials save those generated by your mouth and what you do with quick lookup. If I have made any gaffs with you,they are in not really taking the time to bother when you babble you sometimes irrelevant bushwah at me.

    And that is because in the end I have a hard time taking anyone seriously who seems to earn his primary living in servicing windows based technology and who is also a Microsoft var.

    In short you are a bloviating hypocrite.

    Get over yourself.

  3. oiaohm says:

    “The point is that once again you are passing yourself off as an authority in something that clearly have no current direct experience in and you have been caught out.”
    I have every right to call you incompetent oldman by your own made gaffs. Since a minor gaff like I just made you class as having no direct experience. You must have no direct experience at all by the size gaffs you are making.

    Samba 4 Microsoft would be certifying that is ADS what you did not know oldman. So you were making statements based on Samba 3 state. OOXML stuff you did not know. Should I go on with the fact glitches you have made. You have complained that a fact glitch calling you incompetent is wrong. You have just proven you judge people the same way. So don’t dare complain again about being incompetent when you goof a fact.

    Are you going to reconsider were you are standing oldman. Really you are pretending one. Also in the times you gaff you avoid even admitting to it where you can oldman.

    There are reasons why I did not check that company fully out. Mostly because I order equal and better product from a non English supply. Funny right same time PowerPC workstations disappear in the west the IBM PowerPC factory opens up in china. Lets just say the items I still get are the same case different brand same factory as the other IBM PowerPC stuff does PowerPC workstations come from.

    Yes its cost Oldman something you don’t have to cope with. I would bet you don’t directly deal with China for supply. So when you are seeing the same machine in clone is very simple to presume that IBM would still be shipping them. I admit this was a gaff on my part I should not have presumed that.

    Really Clarence Moon should keep mouth shut when it comes out of date information. Clarence Moon still trying to claim Unix sells 3 times more than Linux. Funny enough is that was not true the same time as those products I stuffed up on were ended by maker but that is not the time the clone makers of it stopped making it(clone makers are still making those products). So you have made equal gaff Clarence Moon without question in fact worse because yours has not be true in any form for a long time. Mine was at least true for us who use more upstream supply. I guess oldman you don’t order parts by the shipping container.

    Its a simple case of out of date information on my side because suppliers I use still stock the equivalent items new. Think of this powerpc stuff like Adriano boards there is more than 1 maker of the same board. I deal more upstream in the supply lines than you Oldman. This can cause gaffs on items I think people not as upstream in the supply lines has access to. I should have been more careful about this.

    Oldman and Clarence Moon you both have no justifications to your Gaffs at all. You need to take a good hard look at yourself. I have over this Gaff to be more careful not to presume that just because where I am supply can provide me with something that other people working with other companies in other countries have access to it.

  4. Oldman says:

    Once again excuses are made. This time you misread ann order sheet for the white box crap merchants that you have literature from. The point is that once again you are passing yourself off as an authority in something that clearly have no current direct experience in and you have been caught out.

    As far my gaffs are concerned, all you have done is state your opinion contra mine. There have been no corrections just your usual wall of text.

  5. Clarence Moon says:

    You wriggle like an earthworm on a hook, Mr. O., and your stories get more and more oblique. lol.

  6. oiaohm says:

    Clarence Moon no it was just simple bad luck.

    That group makes some useful boards for embed system work. I have bookmarks of useful places for prototype boards and systems.

    Australia mil language is different to the USA language include the fact there are some classes of solders the USA or Britsh don’t have because those classes are taken from French Mil. Hang over from World war I and II with the direct interactions with French resistance by Australian forces. You could say Australian mil is multi cultural and this creates some strange problems at times due to different term usage. Yes some of the French Mil terms were taken up because at the time the Australian Mil Officers hated the British commanders and anything to confuse them. This lead to a unique language used by Australian Mil. Part British part French and part Mangled between both and part Australian slang for good measure. This does cause some problems in joint operations.

    Clarence Moon
    “Oldman thinks that your IT admin abilities are restricted. I suspect that they are non-existent and simply a facade you generate to support an on-line
    He has never claimed that. In fact Oldman has made more gaffs than me. And I have balled him out on them.

    Also if you did look closer at the genesi-tech you would have found what caused my gaff. “While the EFIKA 5200B is no longer in stock at Genesi, it is still available with resellers.”

    Yes resellers this end still have these boards in stock and machines. So I looked at list of possible items of purchase then did not check the site if it was still current new production items. Just my luck I picked the wrong one. Yes I copied the link straight from the supplier sheet. I should have clicked through.

    Clarence Moon a person who googled would not have made this mistake. Person in the supply line of parts sometimes make this mistake. The gap between maker stopping making something and item disappearing from sale.

    Sorry Clarence Moon if you know what you are looking at there is evidence my statements don’t come because of google alone. The error I just made is a common mistake to people who have supply sheets.

  7. Clarence Moon says:

    I would luck out and pick one of the expired ones.

    That is a direct consequence of your lack of understanding of anything that you post about, Mr. O. You are adept at finding obscure references from Google, sometimes, but you do not actually know the meaning behind the words. You have made numerous gaffes regarding antitrust laws and even failed to understand the meaning of “marine” in military service, contributing a completely fabricated anecdote in support of your bizarre opinion.

    The Oldman thinks that your IT admin abilities are restricted. I suspect that they are non-existent and simply a facade you generate to support an on-line personna.

  8. oiaohm wrote, “IBM is focused on server room with IBM brand at moment”.

    Servers run a lot of desktop applications and desktops these days as well. It’s just a different way to accomplish the same task and in many cases can be more cost effective. Basically an expensive server heavily loaded is more efficient than 100 PCs idling. By efficient I mean any or all of performance/cost, throughput/cost, space occupied/cost, energy used/cost etc. for the whole system of clients plus servers. PPC would not be any more expensive than x86 if it were more widely used. A good server is also far more reliable than so-so client machines.

    When I designed a complete system for a school, I priced out all kinds of combinations. Investing heavily in the server cluster and lightly in the client was optimal by a large factor. Considering only boxes and not network (which is needed in any case) or keyboard, monitor and mouse, spending ~$few K on servers and $100 on clients came to less than $10K for 50 seats while thick clients at the time cost $500 or so and the total came to $1K for server and $50K for clients. The money saved on hardware was used to buy more and useful gadgets like printers. Maintenance was also tiny as a result of fewer boxes having moving parts. It’s just a better way to do most IT. Users loved it because the clients were so small it was no problem to fit a cluster in each classroom. They had more IT and I had far fewer headaches.

  9. oiaohm says:

    oldman I have about 5 ppc links.

    I would luck out and pick one of the expired ones.

    Little fact to catch you up oldman. IBM PowerPC chips that were used in there desktop lines are now coming out of

    Motorola’s PowerPC chips now come out of here

    Basically sub-company problem. Some are turning up as netbooks and desktops. PPC desktop is still around still turning up new if you know where to look. Mostly dieing out to arm but not gone yet.

    Been in it for 30 years does not mean you have a single clue what is currently going on oldman.

    IBM is focused on server room with IBM brand at moment this does not mean for one moment messing around with desktop forms they have stopped. Just now that messing around is done under the APM brand with subcompanies making the motherboards.

    The current market is in a lot of flux in a lot of strange ways.

  10. oldman says:

    “It looks like Genesi has discontinued PPC:

    Thank you robert.

    “Sorry oldman you are too low of level to know what is going on apparently.”

    I have been dealing with IBM for 30+ years jack, and that includes both using and architecting for the use of IBM Power products from the original RS/6000 up through p560 class technology.

    I have probably forgotten more than you apparently know about AIX and IBM power.

    You on the other hand are nothing more than a faceless nym providing itinerant IT in the back woods of Australia who has once again been caught talking out his a$$hole.

  11. It looks like Genesi has discontinued PPC:

    They do have some small cheap computers though… Smartbook $199. Wow. All the advantages of a netbook and a keyboard.

  12. oiaohm says:

    oldman “IBM hasn’t offered a power workstation in some time – at least not as far as I know.”

    They still have been. Just in sub company. Also this company is also undertaking viability research into arm desktop.

    Sorry oldman you are too low of level to know what is going on apparently.

  13. oldman says:

    “Also you are a idiot IBM makes PowerPC Linux Only Workstations ie Desktop Machine.”

    Check your premises.

    IBM hasn’t offered a power workstation in some time – at least not as far as I know. The IBM powerLinux line is made up minicomputer class servers. They are all rack mounts – none are tower abd certainly nine are desktop. The cheapest of these systems weighs in at about $5860 for the hardware and $2700.00 per YEAR for the Red HAT ENterprise linux.

    Oh BTW IBM will not sell you the box without OS support!

    And while you will indeed have a quite powerful little box, it is NOT by any stretch of the imagination a desktop.

  14. oiaohm says:

    Chris Weig its not like I am going to be able to walk into first class on an aircraft and use windows.

    Also you are a idiot IBM makes PowerPC Linux Only Workstations ie Desktop Machines.

    Basically I am talking about the desktop not server at all with the LPPC comment.

  15. oiaohm says:

    Chris Weig. Also wake up to the reality. Historically Linux desktop usage has been thin terminal providing so server usage.

    Windows is going to be reduced to this.

    So desktop as you know it is not even worth talking about. Chris Weig.

  16. Chris Weig says:

    Ohio Ham, we’re not speaking about the server market. Learn to read.

  17. oiaohm says:

    Chris Weig
    “Hmm, Lintel stalls, too. Wait … they were never there to begin with!”
    Lintel has sold quite well in the server room. In the LPPC line Linux is getting only label product. Yes machines that can only run Linux nothing else.

    Linux sells well enough for Linux only hardware to be made.

    Sorry you are incompetent in your insults Chris Weig.

  18. Chris Weig says:

    Hmm, Lintel stalls, too. Wait … they were never there to begin with!

  19. oiaohm says:

    Mats Hagglund and by by a good block of profit.

  20. Mats Hagglund says:

    Most likely they sold at least globally 2% less Windows-pc’s instead of 2% more than year before. Annually that means 4-5 million less Windows licenses.

    So the rate between Android and Windows is now 2:1.

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