Whoot! Google Nexus 7 carries US$152 BOM

Chuckle. This teardown demonstrates the beauty of ARM and FLOSS. The cost of the Tegra 3 ARM processor is listed as $21 and of course the FLOSS is near $0, once development is divided by millions of installations. What’s Wintel to do? There’s no way for Wintel to compete on price/performance. Imagine what an Intel processor and that other OS would do to the cost of this $200 retail unit? Can you say, “double”, boys and girls?

So, M$ has ported to ARM but that is less than half the problem of price… and the port is problematically restrictive to developers of software. Things are looking good for */Linux on ARM and the more that combination proliferates the more OEMs/retailers/consumers will see */Linux as suitable for Intel/AMD/Via as well.

see Low-end Google Nexus 7 carries US$152 BOM, IHS teardown reveals.

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