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Wintel Stalls

According to IDC: “The U.S. market fared worse than expected, shrinking by 10.6% compared to a forecast of -4.4%. Most vendors and their channel partners struggled with shrinking demand as a saturated market and lack of incentives are leading buyers … Continue reading

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New GNU/Linux Choices Coming Soon to Retail Stores

Chromebooks at Best Buy, Google’s implementation of “the web is (nearly) everything” The New Asus EeePC 1225C, the return of GNU/Linux to the netbook from ASUS, the first big OEM to promote netbooks Dell’s ‘Project Sputnik’, a notebook designed for … Continue reading

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Whoot! Google Nexus 7 carries US$152 BOM

Chuckle. This teardown demonstrates the beauty of ARM and FLOSS. The cost of the Tegra 3 ARM processor is listed as $21 and of course the FLOSS is near $0, once development is divided by millions of installations. What’s Wintel … Continue reading

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“8” is not a Platform but a Pile of Sand

A major concept in the Wintel monopoly was that the desktop OS would be a platform. Until this year, that was strongly maintained (except for Vista, somewhat). “8” breaks the mould entirely. M$ has so limited “8” and placed so … Continue reading

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Stifling Thunderbird e-mail Client

Gerry T. on the Libreoffice-marketing e-mail list wrote, of the decision to deemphasize thunderbird: “After that decision, the uptake of Thunderbird installations will go down in the long run (and even now IT staff will have hard time to convince … Continue reading

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M$: Kill It Before It Spreads!

M$ created “gadgets” as a convenient thing for its platform. In the process they created yet another window for malware… Thankfully they have decided to slam the window shut by facilitating disabling the “feature”. I wish they’d do that with … Continue reading

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Old Guard Lies and Hides Under the Bed in Helsinki

Apparently open government has not come to Helsinki yet. The city claims moving to LibreOffice is more expensive than paying M$ licensing fees every few years forever yet refuses to provide details of its estimates. Clearly, there are issues of … Continue reading

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