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WOW! Computer for Seniors

I remember recently there was an article about businesses being shy of mentioning their products run on GNU/Linux. SJVN has found a counterexample, a business that makes a fine product which is not shy to shout that it runs on … Continue reading

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EU cyber security agency ENISA; “Assume all PCs infected”

“Assume all PCs are infected. The attacks used Zeus, which is a Do-It-Yourself virus kit available for around a thousand EUROs. Zeus has been an off the shelf virus around since 2007 and the detection rate is low . For … Continue reading

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M$ Promotes GNU/Linux By Shipping Cripple-ware For Servers

“Windows Server 2012 Foundation will only be available to OEMs and will come with a 15 user limit and no virtualisation rights.” Isnt’t that a laugh? M$’s charges more money in relation to how much of your own IT you … Continue reading

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200K Raspberry Pi Have Shipped

Raspberry Pi small cheap computers designed for students (and adult kids…) have nearly maxed-out production capacity of ~1million per annum. There are plans to ship an improved product including a case next year to schools which will likely require increased … Continue reading

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