Thin Clients Gain Momentum in India With Huge Corporate Roll-outs

People love small cheap computers even when they are thin clients and used in businesses, offices and schools. In my opinion, thin clients should be the default solution, preferably with GNU/Linux. It’s the right way to do IT.

“The past few years have seen businesses in India showing a great deal of interest in understanding the pros and cons of desktop virtualization, evaluating the benefits and taking major steps to adopt this technology. A report by Gartner also substantiates this upward trend in desktop virtualization adoption, estimating that by 2013, 40 percent of all corporate desktops will be virtual desktops. Gartner also says that the desktop virtualization market is estimated to be worth at least USD 1.8 billion by 2012.

Another group that is betting big on desktop virtualization is the Essar Group, which plans to move its 90 -95 percent workforce to Citrix XenDesktop platform and aims to complete implementation of virtual desktops for 40,000 users in the next one year. This is expected to save the company more than 40 percent in desktop computing costs by enabling easy, centralized management of desktops and applications and reducing the need to refresh expensive hardware.”

See InformationWeek – Virtualization > Desktop virtualization gains momentum in India.

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