Another Bot on M$’s Record and More Lies

“Terry Zink, a Microsoft ‘researcher’ who earlier claimed that Android devices were used to send spam, has now admitted that he ‘guessed’ the source of the spam. Guessed!”

It used to be that M$ would get others to lie for them but it must be getting more difficult every day… Perhaps they have run out of shame.

see Android Spam Bot May Be Running On Windows And Not Android: Wild Guess – Muktware.

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2 Responses to Another Bot on M$’s Record and More Lies

  1. Mats Hagglund says:

    The good thing about science is that its true whether or not your believe in it.

    Let’s wait for a while and we will get the right answer to this question. However, the sad true is that people now will believe that Android could also be base for malwares – just like Windows. But in real life Windows is still leaving this malware competition about 1 000 000 000:1.

  2. dougman says:

    LOL, how can a self-proclaimed researcher ‘guess’ at something then go around and blog about it.

    Yahoo & Windows are the ONLY vectors that are notorious for spam, Skype is leaning towards that way now as well and I have written about it:

    The best lie I have com across: “It is illegal to remove Windows”


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