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Country Most in Love with M$ Gets the Most Machines Knocked off the Internet Monday

USA which has the most Internet trolls defending M$ also has the most infected PCs which are going to have their backup DNS servers disconnected Monday, knocking them off the web. Hundreds of thousands of PCs will seem to disappear. … Continue reading

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Another Bot on M$’s Record and More Lies

“Terry Zink, a Microsoft ‘researcher’ who earlier claimed that Android devices were used to send spam, has now admitted that he ‘guessed’ the source of the spam. Guessed!” It used to be that M$ would get others to lie for … Continue reading

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Thin Clients Gain Momentum in India With Huge Corporate Roll-outs

People love small cheap computers even when they are thin clients and used in businesses, offices and schools. In my opinion, thin clients should be the default solution, preferably with GNU/Linux. It’s the right way to do IT. “The past … Continue reading

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Myanmar Emerges from the Dark Ages of IT

I have often said that emerging markets are not locked in to Wintel. Here’s another example: According to IDC Myanmar (aka Burma) spent just 5% of its IT budget on software. Here’s a retailer selling tons of GNU/Linux PCs. There … Continue reading

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Blender has been quoted as an example of failed commercial software in the comments here. It is a remarkable story and worth a post. Blender was created as a rewrite by a Belgian company and spun off in its own … Continue reading

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