M$: Tax Evasion Routine

Tax inspectors found invoices for advertising from M$ in various investigations that lead them to raid M$ in France. M$ said it was routine to be raided by accountants and police at dawn… I guess they know about that because of their use of the BSA to harass customers.

“"We confirm that on June 28 an inspection by tax authorities took place at the headquarters of Microsoft France in Issy-les-Moulineaux. This was part of a routine check and, as for any administrative or tax procedure, we remain at the disposal of the authorities," said the statement.

The check involved 67 tax inspectors accompanied by 30 police officers, and lasted from dawn to well into the night, according to a report in French investigative newspaper Le Canard Enchain√ɬ©, published Wednesday.”

see French tax inspectors search Microsoft offices in dawn raid | ITworld.

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