Cuban President Raul Castro signs deals in China

It used to be Russia that was in Cuba’s corner in the “old days”. Now it seems China is taking a greater role. It’s particularly interesting that China has committed to aid Cuba with technology. Since both China and Cuba use a lot of GNU/Linux in information technology, this could be good for FLOSS as well. Since, M$ officially does not do business with Cuba, China can likely ship PCs and servers with GNU/Linux preloaded quite readily. This is also a further sign of the decline of USA in influence in the world, in politics and IT.

“On Thursday he met President Hu Jintao and signed several co-operation deals.

China pledged to aid Cuba with a new credit line and with health care and technology.”

via BBC News – Cuban President Raul Castro signs deals in China.

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  1. Yonah wrote, “Citation please.”

    Go to Google yourself. I am not your mother. Even NetApplications shows Cuba’s share of GNU/Linux is several times the world’s average. The Chinese produce thousands of models of PC with GNU/Linux. Do you think they don’t eat their own dogfood? Not surprisingly, China uses GNU/Linux in their super-computers.

    Read the news, too. The government of China approached Nvidia to ship “ten million GPUs”. Nvidia refused to supply source code for Linux drivers so Nvidia lost the deal. In case you missed it, THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT IS PROCURING TEN MILLION GNU/LINUX PCS IN A TEST-ROLL-OUT. They are serious about GNU/Linux and their own IT.

  2. Yonah says:

    “Since both China and Cuba use a lot of GNU/Linux in information technology”

    Citation please. Please don’t reference that old article you found by a tech journalist who interviewed some government official claiming China is on the road to “technological independence.” What you read over here isn’t always what you get.

  3. Ivan says:

    Cuba doesn’t have a choice in the matter, Bob.

  4. USA tries to manipulate the whole world. Hollywood and M$ are examples. Cuba refuses to follow. So do Russia and China. I wish Canada had as much gumption.

  5. Ivan says:

    How in the hell is a country that can’t do business within the United States an example of American decline? That’s just daffy, Bob.

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