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Cuban President Raul Castro signs deals in China

It used to be Russia that was in Cuba’s corner in the “old days”. Now it seems China is taking a greater role. It’s particularly interesting that China has committed to aid Cuba with technology. Since both China and Cuba … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux Just Made the World of Science a Better Place

On the IT used in the discovery of the Higgs Boson (the last key particle scientists needed to explain just about everything…) “In terms of data analysis, Windows could be used in principle. We could also use some type of … Continue reading

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LibreOffice For Android Starts Taking Shape

It looks like LibreOffice will have something for Android/Linux soon. They have the basics working now. “As part of the Google Summer of Code, Iain Billet is working hard at building a Java viewer UI for LibreOffice, that will integrate … Continue reading

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OOPS! Air-burst Over San Diego

Nuclear weapons are often designed to explode high over a target in order to maximize the effects on the ground. San Diego put on a fireworks display that had a puzzling effect on the ground. They “fired all of their … Continue reading

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Walmart.com: Small Cheap Computers Keep Getting Cheaper

Walmart is selling 15 tablets in the $50-$100 interval. e.g. Pandigital R7T40WWHF1 Novel with WiFi 7.0" Touchscreen Tablet PC Featuring Android Operating System, White at $59.98 Does anyone believe Wintel is holding its own against this tide? Wintel can hardly … Continue reading

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M$: Tax Evasion Routine

Tax inspectors found invoices for advertising from M$ in various investigations that lead them to raid M$ in France. M$ said it was routine to be raided by accountants and police at dawn… I guess they know about that because … Continue reading

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