Wintel Declines

“Worldwide PC shipments will total 363 million in 2012, a decline of 1.5 million units or 0.4% from 365 million shipped in 2011, the Chinese-language Commercial Times quoted data from Gartner as indicating. This will be the second time global PC shipments register a decline since the dot-com bubble in 2001.”

Meanwhile, including tablets, growth of shipments is 14% per annum. Good-bye, Wintel. That ship has sailed. Talk of Wintel lasting forever or continuing to be the foundation of IT are clearly wrong. IT evolves and Wintel is too inefficient to adapt to the change. Wintel is locked in to inefficient ways and cannot compete. Even M$’s move to ARM is too little and too late. The world will reject raising the prices on ARMed devices just to prop up M$’s revenue and Intel will get little revenue from tablets for the same reason. Wintel cannot hide its high prices when consumers have seen small cheap computers everywhere.

see Global PC shipments to decline 0.4% in 2012, says paper.

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