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Some folks need focus. That has never been my problem. I often concentrate so tightly I ignore impending disasters all around… The claim is being made that Ubuntu’s Unity GUI forces people to focus and become more efficient. Nonsense… I … Continue reading

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Another Card Falls in M$’s House of Cards

Inspires confidence, eh? A company that has conned the world into believing the world owes M$ a living now reaps what it sews. The world has discovered it does not need to buy what M$ sells. What card will fall … Continue reading

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Free Software Foundation on Secure Boot

“we should never be locked into that relationship by force of technological restriction or law. Software that enforces such restrictions is malware. Companies like Microsoft that push these restrictions also have a terrible track record when it comes to security, … Continue reading

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Three Women Discuss Open Government and Open Source

Joinup has quotations from three women involved in the movement to open government by use of IT and FLOSS. They spoke at the Semantic Interoperability Conference 2012. The majority hold that FLOSS is a good match for open government and … Continue reading

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Wintel Declines

“Worldwide PC shipments will total 363 million in 2012, a decline of 1.5 million units or 0.4% from 365 million shipped in 2011, the Chinese-language Commercial Times quoted data from Gartner as indicating. This will be the second time global … Continue reading

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