UK Cabinet Office: Saving Money By Spending More

The snake charmers from M$ have done it again. M$’s salesmen have convinced the UK Cabinet that money can be saved by spending more. Of course they are comparing projected prices (vapour-prices) versus 1% more than the previous agreement. What is totally missing is that UK gets no value at all from the money spent. They are paying M$ for permission to use equipment the UK owns. That’s insane.

I would argue that it’s worse than wasted money because of the multiplier. For every licence UK buys from M$ they have the great privilege of paying ~$1000 for maintaining the software: anti-virus, updates, re-re-reboots and slowing down… Maintenance costs 1/3 to 1/2 as much with FLOSS. By switching to FLOSS they could save twice as much as they plan to spend…

Those snake-charmers are good at their jobs.

“the Public Sector Agreement 2012 replaces the last iteration (PSA09) from 1 July – with licences locked for three years at 1 per cent above previous levels.”

see Cabinet Office: We've cut taxpayers' SAP and Microsoft bills • The Channel.

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2 Responses to UK Cabinet Office: Saving Money By Spending More

  1. Mats Hagglund says:

    So there we have UK coalition forces of Clegg&Cameron and their aim to increase FLOSS? Haven’t i mentioned before that English-speaking Anglo-Saxon are deeper in Redmond pocket than the others?

  2. Phenom says:

    The British have it, Pog: I am not rich enough to buy cheap things.

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