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UK Cabinet Office: Saving Money By Spending More

The snake charmers from M$ have done it again. M$’s salesmen have convinced the UK Cabinet that money can be saved by spending more. Of course they are comparing projected prices (vapour-prices) versus 1% more than the previous agreement. What … Continue reading

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M$: All-in For The Cloud But Making It Up As They Go Along

In March 2010, M$ claimed to be “all-in” on cloud technology but still, last year, when M$ tested their cloud, they found “It was an eye-opening experience. About a third of the people weren’t able to actually sign up successfully, … Continue reading

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Stockton, California, USA: Bankruptcy and Information Technology

At the same time that Stockton, California teeters on the brink of bankruptcy the city is contemplating redoing their whole IT system for huge sums, of the same order of magnitude as their anticipated budgetary shortfall. Assuming the local economy … Continue reading

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