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Last year I had a tiny garden which produced a few flowers and vegetables. This year I have a quite large garden, about the size of a city lot… My soil is not ideal for some vegetables but the tomatoes, … Continue reading

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Wintel Can’t Upsell Netbooks

M$’s strategy to destroy netbooks was to produce attractive/thin/light/powerful notebooks of larger size with a premium price. That price was supposed to attract OEMs and it did but the consumers are out beating the bushes for small cheap computers, not … Continue reading

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The VAR Guy Thinks It’s Over, But The Battle’s Only Just Begun

Victory either comes quickly in a rout or slowly in a battle of endurance. The VAR Guy wrote, “History shows that technology markets typically consolidate around two competing platforms — a market leader and a potential disrupter. On the desktop, … Continue reading

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Peter Penz Calls it Quits on Dolphin 2.1 and KDE After Contributing for Many Years

It’s often a point of discussion how/why developers contribute to GNU/Linux or FLOSS applications. We get a peek at how one thinks in his blog post. He’s quitting after years of creating and supporting the Dolphin file manager. Unlike some … Continue reading

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