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Mathematicians in France Use GNU/Linux

I guess I learned my maths a long time ago when mathematicians used chalk and pencils… I stumbled upon web stats for the e-mail system of a French mathematical laboratory. They get hits from all over the world but most … Continue reading

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AF447 Investigation To Be Wrapped up July 5, 2012

It’s been a long sad story but the official end is near unless lawsuits do not settle out of court. It was the usual case in such disasters: evil coincidences wrapped up in human errors on many levels. I suspect … Continue reading

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Wow! French government awards support contract for open source

The government of France clearly gets FLOSS. They have awarded a support contract for 350 FLOSS projects used in 15 governmental ministries. Software fixes are to be pushed upstream, too. France is “giving back” as they should. This is a … Continue reading

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The Battle Against Malware Is Being Lost on That Other OS

Not only is the rate of production of new malware increasing but gaining in sophistication too: “in the last month alone two new malware samples were undetected by all 42 virus scanners and many were detected by only a handful … Continue reading

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EMC: China is racing past US, rest of world – and into the Cloud

Only a few years ago, China was seen as a cheap producer of goods, and an emerging market. Now they have begun to lead rather than follow. China is a major adopter of cloud technology, compounding the advantages of servers … Continue reading

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FLOSS, The Right Way to do IT, Even for Business

I am often told businesses have a duty/right/imperative to keep source code hidden for business reasons, to maximize profits. That’s not so. The benefits of sharing the code are real and large for businesses: sharing the cost of development of … Continue reading

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