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SJVN on Microsoft opening the door to the Linux desktop

SJVN wrote, “I think it’s time for Dell, HP, Lenovo, and all the other big-time PC vendors to finally start taking the Linux desktop seriously. It’s clear that Microsoft’s agenda no longer is running in parallel with their plans. Shifting … Continue reading

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SJVN: 2016, and Chrome OS is Ascendant

Thin clients of all kinds are doing well. Servers are where the ugly parts of computing reside so we can be cool, quiet and comfortable doing anything in IT optimally. Anyone who thinks the usual fat client is the way … Continue reading

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Brian Proffitt’s Imaginary Linux-Hardware Woes

Brian Proffitt who has been following the FLOSS scene long enough to know better recently repeated the lies: “Linux’s market share on the desktop has always been very small.” Utter nonsense, GNU/Linux share is larger than Apple’s and no one … Continue reading

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Solving the “Secure Boot” Problem: Don’t Let Windows 8 Secure Boot

The division M$ has wrought in the ranks of OEMs and GNU/Linux distros has a very simple solution. OEMs can refuse to install M$’s key and the world will be at peace and “8” will not boot on any PCs. … Continue reading

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Nvidia: The Cost of Arrogance

Recently Nvidia was scolded by Linus for withholding source code for their video drivers but the chickens really come home to roost when it hits the bottom line. A large Chinese project went to AMD over the same issue. The … Continue reading

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If You Can’t Beat ’em, Block ’em

M$, not being content with denigrating FLOSS for more than a decade, now seeks to block FLOSS by technical means: “Secure Boot” for “8”, M$’s Reputation Service classifies FSF.org as “gambling” and “Shareware/Freeware” It’s time the world stood up to … Continue reading

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