Thailand Hired a Factory in China to Make the World’s Largest Educational Tablet Distribution

While Malaysia and India have recently made deals with the Devil, Thailand had some good news for Free Software, distribution of one million tablets running Android/Linux are being cranked out by a factory in China over the coming months. The advantages of making such a large purchase direct from the factory are that economies of scale and the possibility of fixing problems that might arise make this very cost-effective.

“The $32.8 million One Tablet PC Per Child campaign (1.02 billion Thai Baht) is the world’s largest education tablet distribution deal to date, and finally became official after members of the Pheu Thai party announced the initiative last summer during election season. In partnership with the Chinese firm, Shenzhen Scope, 400,000 tablet units are expected to ship within the next 90 days with an additional 530,000 units on the way. The latter part of the deal is currently not finalized, but the country’s government hopes to continue working toward one million tablets for its students. If Thailand successfully pens the deal for the second shipment, the venture budget will come to a whopping $75.7 million sum for the entire program.”

via Thailand signs the world's largest educational tablet distribution deal | Digital Trends.


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