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Thailand Hired a Factory in China to Make the World’s Largest Educational Tablet Distribution

While Malaysia and India have recently made deals with the Devil, Thailand had some good news for Free Software, distribution of one million tablets running Android/Linux are being cranked out by a factory in China over the coming months. The … Continue reading

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Apple Bigots

Apple was found to refuse to sell to people who speak Farsi, the language of Iran. They claim it’s to prevent export to Iran even though the person lives in Virginia, USA, and is a US citizen. This is another … Continue reading

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BBC News – Why companies must adopt the open source way

The BBC carries an opinion-piece recommending FLOSS for business. While the piece recommends FLOSS generally, the specific example given is Drupal, a web-content management tool. The same advantages apply to all the infrastructure of IT, not just servers and networks. … Continue reading

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