OEMs Don’t Hate M$ Enough So M$ Kicks Them…

SJVN on M$’s latest vapourware:

“In the days since Microsoft announced its hybrid tablet/laptop I’ve talked to most of the major PC original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). None of them would go on the record with me on their reaction to the Surface. What I can tell you though is that every last one of them is as angry at Microsoft as a Boston Red Sox fan is at the New York Yankees after being swept at home.
Most of them, with reluctance, had decided that they were going to ship Windows 8 tablets. A few were going to try Windows RT tablets. Now, the OEMs must throw all their tablet plans out the window. With the Surface announcement, Microsoft has done to them exactly what Microsoft used to do all the time to its enemies: frozen the market by announcing something that sounds much better than what the OEMs had been planning on shipping.”

This is not the good old days of monopoly. M$ can no longer dictate to OEMs. OEMs have choices now, like Android/Linux, GNU/Linux and ARM. All it would take is the OEMs getting together and shifting the world to FLOSS and M$’s house of cards will collapse. Even a tiny revolt will hurt the bottom line enough for the shareholders to revole. Is this the last straw? We shall see.

I expect this latest salvo in the OEM wars will result in more OEMs openly shipping GNU/Linux and possibly no longer “recommending” that other OS. I expect to see lots of GNU/Linux on retail shelves by Christmas. OEMs can surprise M$ as well. Cooperation is a two-way street.

see SJVN – Microsoft poisons its partners | ZDNet.

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7 Responses to OEMs Don’t Hate M$ Enough So M$ Kicks Them…

  1. kozmcrae says:

    Viktor wrote:

    “Of your links, Bob, only one is connected to Computex.”

    So you concede Robert is correct and by admission you are incorrect. At least in the best you are able.

  2. Viktor says:

    Of your links, Bob, only one is connected to Computex. And if you follow it, the first thing you read is:

    “Android’s had a quiet showing here at Computex Taipei …”

  3. Viktor quoted, “hiding their Android tablets at their booths,”

    Chuckle. Like this?

    or this?


    or this?

    Acer again

    or this?

    CES 2012 tablets

  4. Clarence Moon says:

    I expect to see lots of GNU/Linux on retail shelves by Christmas.

    Well, that is a close enough date for us to consider a count down, Mr. Pogson. Given that the Christmas selling season seems to start about mid-summer these days, we should be seeing some real action in the coming few months. If you are correct, that is. Who will be the first to cite a popular media ad for “GNU/Linux do you think? Don’t go copping out with some ad for an Android phone or tablet now!

    BTW, SJVN seems to be in somewhat of a decline himself. He’s been beating on the “Microsoft Bad! Linux Good!” drum even longer than yourself, way over 10 years by my personal reckoning. He’s gone from a feature columnist to an occasional blogger as a series of e-zines have folded under him.

    His by-line is here, but the graphic is for “Between the Lines” featuring “Larry Dignan, Andrew Nusca and Rachel Kin”. Is that a typo or is SJVN about to lose another gig?

  5. Viktor says:

    As usual, freetard perceptions at work. Here’s an article on Heise which contains a passage that is much more realistic concerning Microsoft’s relationship with its OEMs.


    Let me cite the (translated) passage:

    Windows 8 doesn’t need a jump start or a reference design, that was not least made clear by the Computex where the whole industry, ranging from Intel and AMD to the device makers like Samsung, Acer and Asus, seemed to be relieved that Microsoft finally releases a strong OS again and there’s no dependence on Android anymore. One could get the impression that Microsoft, even without their Surface tablets, has done more for Windows 8 than Google has ever done for Android. The makers thank Microsoft by extensively presenting all new things Windows, by hiding their Android tablets at their booths, and by quotes like from Intel, stating that Android runs on their CPUs but Windows 8 is their top priority. What a settling of scores with Google …

  6. oiaohm says:

    Really to understand what MS did you have to look no more than at Asus tablets.

    Asus windows tablets are shipping with Android runtime. OEM’s are not longer in a either or choice market.

    Yes this move of MS is desperation about the only way MS is going to get a windows only device out there is ship it themselves.

    Also its MS brand recycling again. Surface use to be MS touch interface device. That mostly has not sold. For those who don’t have a long history memory like me. http://www.interactiondesignblog.com/2008/04/microsoft-surface/

    Now it will be interesting to see if any of the OEM start getting smart with there patents to block MS from being able to sell the device.

  7. Alex says:

    Hehe, Microsoft’s usual tactics : ) Vaporware, betraying your partners, rinse, lather, repeat : ) as the saying goes, there is a sucker born every minute.

    Well, cry me a river, M$ partners! When you lay your bed with the dogs, you end up with fleas.

    I see only good coming out of this. For one thing, I hope the never-ending “XXX recommends WindowsDuJour” will cease. Good riddance and bye-bye. Second, if M$ no longer needs a distribution channel, the channel is free to provide whatever the users want, so that’s a win too, for us, users.

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