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OEMs Don’t Hate M$ Enough So M$ Kicks Them…

SJVN on M$’s latest vapourware: “In the days since Microsoft announced its hybrid tablet/laptop I’ve talked to most of the major PC original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). None of them would go on the record with me on their reaction to … Continue reading

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All the Air is out of Ellison’s Balloon

In Oracle v Google: “With respect to Oracle’s claim for relief and Google’s counterclaim for declaratory judgment of non-infringement for the ’520 and ’104 patents, judgment is entered for Google and against Oracle. With respect to Google’s counterclaims for declaratory … Continue reading

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In Asia, Mobile PCs are King

Small cheap computers are taking over in Asia. Web stats seen in North America are no where near the same as what are reported in Asia. This probably means the Wintel monopoly has already died in Asia. Good. It’s about … Continue reading

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Free Office Germany eV Organizes LibreOffice Conference August 16-19 in Berlin

I can’t go, but I am tempted by some of the cool swag. Freis Office Deutschland e.V. was founded to promote Free Software with emphasis on office automation. They have a rather long list of companies providing help with migration … Continue reading

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