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Linus Torvalds: ‘NVIDIA has been the single worst company we’ve ever dealt with’

Chuckle… Linus beats up on Nvidia for being difficult with Linux. For a figurehead of The Linux Foundation to criticize a Silver member of the foundation could have serious consequences. He even says “Nvidia, F U” combined with a rude … Continue reading

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Hiding The Price of That Other OS

For decades, M$ and Intel have gotten away with hiding the price of a licence or a chip by bundling with vast majority of PCs sold retail or wholesale. In 2012 this huge burden has become unsustainable to OEMs who … Continue reading

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The Monopoly Dies June 21, 2012, in India

A theme of mine for a few years has been that the last bulwark protecting the Wintel monopoly from GNU/Linux was lack of retail shelf-space. That bulwark has crumbled in China and several other Asian nations. This week, retail shelves … Continue reading

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