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We Can’t Beat ARM So We Lie – Intel’s Mike Bell

You cannot blame Intel for lying when they claim you can get more done cheaply using Intel than ARM in spite of: larger dies with many more transistors, higher clock-rates, higher price-tag, very few battery-powered Intel devices on the market, … Continue reading

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Darwin Award Candidate Arrested at U.S. border

Sometimes justice takes a little time but eventually gets things right. A suspected armed robber/murderer was arrested in his own vehicle with his mother’s licence plate trying to cross the US border without a passport. The guy should be nominated … Continue reading

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These Are The Biggest Blessings With GNU/Linux

Once again a supposed fan of FLOSS trumpets an attack-piece listing the many flaws of GNU/Linux while completely getting it wrong. The first item, hardware support, for instance, is clearly wrong. GNU/Linux supports far more hardware out of the box … Continue reading

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India and Red Hat Love

India not only has government that promotes and uses GNU/Linux and many millions of users. India has a huge pool of talent for developing GNU/Linux infrastructure and applications. Good things in FLOSS that have emerged from India included: the shared … Continue reading

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