Kicking the Ant-hill – Polish State Fire Services excludes open source in procurement

Chuckle. Some governments and businesses are seriously locked in to Wintel but some are sufficiently aware they are locked in they publish the fact in their tenders. In Poland the fire service has done so and stirred an ant-hill. I would bet this blatant admission of lock-in will have the effect of focussing energy on escaping the lock-in. In my experience the longer and deeper lock-in is maintained, the harder it is to escape, but because the future is infinite, the effort is well worth while. Even the Polish fire service can escape. They could follow the detailed approach of Munich or they could switch over some weeekend like Extremadura. Whatever works for them is the right way.

I recommend Debian GNU/Linux, a cooperative project of the world to provide good software efficiently.

Polish State Fire Services excludes open source in procurement | Joinup.

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