Clarence Moon Put in His Place

Clarence Moon is a troll who frequents these pages with silly, ignorant comments sometimes. He does know his Spirea, however…

John Roberts made this comment:

“Hi Robert
Your article headed
“Servers: GNU/Linux v That Other OS” refers
The erstwhile commenter Clarence Moon
Had this to say of Australia and obviously the inhabitants
“One can excuse the AJ Fisher chap’s ignorance, Mr. Pogson, since he is an Aussie as clueless as your own Oiaohm. More dignified, according to his bio info, but still located in the backwaters of the world and hence lacking practical world experience.”
Perhaps you could point him to these sites:

I have tried for months to teach Clarence Moon some manners but “education is seldom very efficaceous except in those happy dispostitions where it is almost superfluous” (Gibbons). Thanks for the pointers, John.

Australia may have been occupied by strange animals and Stone Age aboriginals until England decided it was a great prison but Australia has a diverse economy and can stand on its own when it comes to technology. My family’s ancestors divided the family fortune and one branch went to Australia 150 years ago.

Even Alice Springs has a Linux Users Group and can help you buy a notebook running GNU/Linux. That’s a sparsely populated region, so FLOSS and IT done right can be said to permeate Australia. Good on them!

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. John Roberts says:

    You accuse Robert of not checking his links, they are my links not his so if you have something to say, say it to me.
    Have you read the links in their entirety?
    Just as a matter of interest what do you consider the baseline of technology ?
    Would you care to elaborate on why you consider that the Aussies have not contributed anything to technology.
    An example or two would not go amiss.
    As far as the Arstechnica article is concerned it has nothing to do with Robert not liking patent trolling but everything to do with answering Clarence Moon’s comment re: how clueless the Aussies are.
    Stick to the point.

  2. oiaohm says:

    Viktor there are a lot of studies in this topic.

    Australians don’t truly have a 100 percent locked accent. One of the big problems with using overseas call centres with Australia is that local to Australia there is over 200 documented accents just owning to Australia let alone migration. Yes the native tribes of Australia have accents. The native tribe accents are not like what overseas people call Australian accents.

    There is a big catch. Australian meets Australian they alter and match accent as second nature.

    This is why its a neutral accent there is a auto nature to change. This is also why siri from apple has had a major work out in Australia same with a lot of other speech recognition software. Why people go out mix with mates come back talk to computer with a different accent. So learn person pattern is not as simple.

    Viktor how has this happened Australia is a very young country made up from migration from all over the place. Also most towns and cities in Australia are still fairly small with population moving between them quite regularly. So you don’t get that localisation effect of accent as strong since its always being broken by moving population.

    Also it gets funny people say a person who is Australian who is in the USA is speaking Australian accent or england or else where. If you look from a spoken words they are saying inside 12 hours they have already started using some of the local accent speech without even knowing it.

    The neutral comes from the flex in the Australian accent. Just like a car in neutral can be pushed around by the conditions around it. The Australian accent for native speakers is the same. Its also why when you a person who has been taught an Australian accent they do not sound like a native in most cases. Why because there accent does not change to match the mix of Australians and other accents around them.

    Mind you this only applies in english speaking. There is a downside if Australian has learnt non english language they try applying the same flex to it. Resulting in altering quality and big problems.

    Viktor there is a upside also a equally bad downside.

    Its not a teleological arguments this is a oddity. I should have been more clean on what I meant by neutral. Neutral in the scene not particular locked so it can drift between almost all the other english speakers accents without the speaker even noticing. Interesting enough due to how it done the listening normally does not even notice that it has changed.

    The oddity only exists due to Australia small population and regular movement in that population between areas. You do see other parts of the world start generating people with flex in there accent normally a temporary thing. Regular changes is required to disrupt a solid accent forming.

    First time I came aware of this in the Australian english was when I had a friend from overseas here. He pointed it out while he was commenting he could understand us quite simply. But as soon as he just stopped and wanted to listen things got harder. Why because we were drifting to the different mix so no longer containing parts of his accent.

    Australian accent oddity basically. A true Australian accent changes with the people speaking. Yes reason why there is a lot of reports at universities and so on trying repeatedly to document what an Australian accent is.

    So Australian accent is fairly neutral to all other english speakers because to be a true Australian accent it must include the means to alter. Australian accent also almost impossible to teach without replicating the conditions that make it.

    Yes Australian accent is one of the global oddities.

  3. Viktor says:

    There is a reason our accent is fairly neutral between all english speakers. So lot of companies take on Australian management staff. Most important thing is being understood.

    I didn’t know you were one for teleological arguments. I thought that was limited to the religion of FLOSS. Apparently not.

    And on which basis is the Australian accent “neutral”? Because you have decided so? I don’t think so.

  4. Ivan wrote, “Google copied gpl 2 code into an Apache 2 licensed project, that is a gpl violation.”

    Are you talking about headers in Java? The same judge ruled they were not copyright protected works.

  5. oiaohm says:

    Viktor and Clarence Moon be very careful who you insult.

    One of Australia’s largest personal exports are CEOs. In fact a particular kind a CEO heads of Tech companies.

    There is a reason our accent is fairly neutral between all english speakers. So lot of companies take on Australian management staff. Most important thing is being understood.

    What happens in Australia effects countries outside Australia due to what we export. Yes Microsoft worked this out long ago.

    It also pays to look up where the person has been.

    He is not just limited to Australia. He does work in the UK as well. AJ Fisher is a duel citizen so he can legally work in both countries without any special paperwork.

    “lacking practical world experience” I think not Clarence Moon.

    This is the problem bigots. As soon as you say you work in a rural or where someone calls a backwater idiots presume that is where you always have worked. Not that you are working there because you like living there.

    Of course Clarence Moon is thick.

    Yes Melbourne home base of AJ Fisher who would not want to live and work in the worlds most liveable city. Just happens to be in Australia.

    A lot of Australian work overseas then come back.

    “Markets are always geographic in nature” when it comes to tech it makes no difference about geographic other than if your staff are happy.

    What happens in china does not 100 percent stay in china. What happens in Australia does not 100 percent stay in Australia.

    Yes there is some geographic limiting but is not absolute. There are a lot of tech companies with R&D based in Australia.

    Clarence Moon question are you a world traveller yes or no. Remember for AJ Fisher that answer is yes.

  6. Clarence Moon says:

    silly, ignorant comments sometimes. He does know his Spirea, however…

    Insult to injury, Mr. Pogson, it would be my wife who knows baby’s breath when she sees a picture. On the other hand, it is crystal clear that my humor is too oblique for you to catch. That has happened more than once with others, so it is nothing to worry over, but perhaps I should be more direct than I have been.

    I think that something that is fundamentally a commercial product like PC software, OS or application, has to be measured in commercial terms, which always reduces to the money involved. Citing a bunch of non-commercial anecdotes wherein someone without funds finds a solution in freeware is not pertinent to the issue in my book.

    Markets are always geographic in nature, Mr. Pogson, and what happens in China stays in China, or Australia, or any other remote location. Add up all the money to see where the important shares are going. It’s not Australia and whether they have some patent claim on wi-fi or not is immaterial to that.

  7. Ivan says:

    Google copied gpl 2 code into an Apache 2 licensed project, that is a gpl violation.

    The Judge said they didn’t have to follow the gpl. Cantankerous coot.

  8. Ivan wrote this nonsense, “when they were violating the gpl and celebrated when the Judge invalidated the gpl.”

    Google never violated the GPL and no judge invalidated the GPL. Twit.

  9. Ivan says:

    I’m pretty sure Bob has said somewhere that he doesn’t care when companies he likes do things that he hates.

    At least that is why I think he argued so strenuously for Google when they were violating the gpl and celebrated when the Judge invalidated the gpl.

  10. Viktor says:

    You don’t check links, do you, Pogson? Otherwise you would have noticed that Ars Technica’s story describes something which you combat like hell (if Microsoft is involved): patent trolling.

    BTW, aren’t inventions deeply entangled with intellectual property, which you so hate?

    And WRT to Australia: I think their cultural export pinnacles are still Paul Hogan, Baz Luhrmann, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman etc. But certainly not technology.

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