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Newegg No Longer Consider GNU/Linux Breaks the Warranty

Chuckle. A story broke that New Egg considered the warranty void if a customer installs GNU/Linux. I can see their position since they sold a system including OS but they have seen the light that offending customers is not good … Continue reading

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Clarence Moon Put in His Place

Clarence Moon is a troll who frequents these pages with silly, ignorant comments sometimes. He does know his Spirea, however… John Roberts made this comment: “Hi Robert Your article headed “Servers: GNU/Linux v That Other OS” refers The erstwhile commenter … Continue reading

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Android tablets beating out iPad in business and IT – That Other OS Need Not Apply

What more could I say… “Android was clearly the preferred choice, with 44% of respondents saying they’d choose a device that uses the Linux-based operating system. Only three percent of respondents said they’d opt for Windows 8, and 21% said … Continue reading

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Via Technologies is Surprised That People Love Small Cheap Computers

Via who has long made alternative CPUs for x86 and who has made a good living selling small motherboards for thin clients was caught off guard by the demand in the market for */Linux on small cheap computers. They developed … Continue reading

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Google Apps Consultant Cloud Sherpas Deploys Chromebooks

Thin clients continue to evolve and Google’s Chrome OS is a part of that. While ChromeBooks are not ubiquitous they work for those many businesses that depend on web applications. It’s the right way to do IT when HQ wants … Continue reading

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Kicking the Ant-hill – Polish State Fire Services excludes open source in procurement

Chuckle. Some governments and businesses are seriously locked in to Wintel but some are sufficiently aware they are locked in they publish the fact in their tenders. In Poland the fire service has done so and stirred an ant-hill. I … Continue reading

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Helsinki council resolves to continue using open source | Joinup

“The IT department must act to break its dependency on a single software vendor", the council members state in their resolution. "(The lock-in) exposes the city to certain operational and financial risks. For example, the IT supplier can dictate the … Continue reading

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Wintel Squirms, trying to cut costs without drying up the cash cows

Wintel suppliers are going to meet in July to figure out how to cut costs. While Intel and M$ may wish to keep their cash cows flowing freely, I would bet the makers of hardware will want the high costs … Continue reading

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