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First Sale Principle and the OS

Initially, M$ charged about the same price per unit for its OS licence everywhere. When GNU/Linux became an issue, M$ responded in the most price-sensitive regions by offering a very low price, even competing with illegal copies. They could do … Continue reading

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BBC News – World’s first ‘tax’ on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7

A major retailer is charging extra for on-line purchasers using IE7 because of the extra development costs of supporting a non-standard browser. I like it. Perhaps web pages could pop up ads for GNU/Linux when M$’s client OS visits… see … Continue reading

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FLOSS Pays off Handsomely for Linus Torvalds

In spite of all his talk of greed being a major motivator for using FLOSS, Linus Torvalds was received a major financial award for developing Linux because “Linus Torvalds’s work has kept the web open for the pursuit of knowledge … Continue reading

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