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Mainstream Notebook in China Runs GNU/Linux

Thanks to Google Translate, I was able to find a ton of links to a recent model of Acer 14 inch notebook available in China and there’s no sign of that other OS, just GNU/Linux. The price is a lot … Continue reading

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What Price an OS?

We all know there are several reasons why M$ and OEMs bundle M$’s OS with PCs. One reason is to hide the price. OEMs who don’t wish to offend M$ are careful not to sell the same PC with that … Continue reading

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Servers: GNU/Linux v That Other OS

Is there more to the announcement about GNU/Linux being supported on AZURE than supplying demand? AJ Fisher thinks it’s a sign that M$’s server product is on a downward trend, not fitting well with cloud and web applications. “I don’t … Continue reading

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HeliOS Project Joins Registered Non-profit REGLUE

Helios has taken over REGLUE, a registered non-profit. REGLUE has similar objectives to Helios. This potentially increases funding opportunities. In the process, Ken Starks has taken a less central role so he can deal with his health. Effectively, the organization … Continue reading

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Small Cheap Computers Keep Getting Cheaper

IMS reports that the low end of tablets is a thriving place with good volume and low prices. In that situation */Linux is a winner as there is no per-unit licensing fee for OEMs and that other OS either prices … Continue reading

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