e-Petitions in UK

The government of the UK is on an e-government kick. Recent developments include open-sourcing their e-petition software.

The e-petitions are interesting. There are some IT-related ones:

The idea is that when 100K people support a particular e-petition, the matter will be given some attention by the House of Commons. It’s a start, giving citizen some say on the direction of government other than the blunt tool of elections.

The ideas of e-government are ones I support. Certainly more heads are better than a few and ordinary citizens should be able to access government without having to try robot phone-mail and pressuring local representatives to change the world. IT can be used to deliver better government and it should be used to best advantage. Nothing is better than IT for creating, finding, modifying and presenting information in terms of speed and cost.

This looks like a good idea with few downsides and lots of good possibilities. It is a model Canada and other governments should copy.

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