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What the Heck is This?

The little woman and I have been working hard at the old homestead fixing it up to sell. In the process, memories from long ago are dredged up: we bought the lot when it was a swamp on the treeless … Continue reading

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Why GNU/Linux Rocks

Tired of the negativity on the web about GNU/Linux on the desktop? Check this out:

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Walking on a Fence – Canonical and M$

Muktware has some more links to information about Canonical dealing with M$ to have Ubuntu GNU/Linux available as an image for Azure clouds. Canonical sees it as just another platform for Ubuntu GNU/Linux. I cannot argue with that and they … Continue reading

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e-Petitions in UK

The government of the UK is on an e-government kick. Recent developments include open-sourcing their e-petition software. The e-petitions are interesting. There are some IT-related ones: Pardoning Alan Turing, one of the fathers of IT, Teaching computer programming at an … Continue reading

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