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Advertisement Above a Pharmacy in Thailand: Peace, Love and Linux – IBM eserver

There are places where you will find GNU/Linux advertised these days. This may be the strangest, the side of a building next to a pharmacy. So, it’s about servers. The Penguin logo is prominent. Clearly, attitudes to GNU/Linux are different … Continue reading

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LinkedIn Password Hack: 60% of Hashed Passwords Cracked

There is quite an uproar over the compromise of sites such as LinkedIn. Users are rightly annoyed but the big issues are: the site was compromised to the extent that the hashed passwords could be copied, obviously, with 60% of … Continue reading

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More Software-Patent Nonsense: Coherent Networked Caches…

Google has been sued over use of clusters of computers maintaining a coherent networked file-cache. The patent was issued in 1999 but involves nothing new as all the concepts were well established a decade earlier: networks, clusters, caches, and coherence. … Continue reading

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Wintel Abandons Netbooks

DisplaySearch reports that Wintel and suppliers are abandoning the netbooks. What they fail to notice is that without a low-priced version of that other OS and with GNU/Linux margins for netbooks are acceptable. The netbook will rise again. People love … Continue reading

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