ELCOT PCs Being Stripped of That Other OS

One of the neat things about Google+ is that it’s a global forum where people from everywhere share information. I am keenly interested in how people in diverse lands use GNU/Linux. I have been following the adventures of ELCOT, an Indian governmental organizations spreading IT. They distributed many thousands of dual-boot PCs to students with both GNU/Linux and that other OS. It turns out that students are removing that other OS because it is a malware-magnet and because they can do what they do with GNU/Linux.
“the students, realised after using the two operating systems that, windows is prone to virus attacks and Linux is robust. 🙂 and few educational institues also encouraged students to remove windows and to retain linux because the linux which comes with the free laptops are coming with some really good educational packs.”

I hope this information reaches the upper echelons of ELCOT so they will avoid wasting resources on that other OS. They have done many roll-outs of GNU/Linux and should have been aware there was no need for that other OS in Indian IT. I have been a student in organizations that used that other OS and was able to function better than my classmates because there were no artificial barriers between me and my PC. I could use it as a server, for instance, with no additional licence.

see https://plus.google.com/u/0/108596677475686018856/posts/LWa2mKMrASZ

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oiaohm says:

    Clarence Moon that is the thing.

    ASUS might be showing that Windows + Android runtime is what the market wants now.

    This will soften the path to leave windows completely in time. Android is a different problem to the Linux Netbooks. Contained runtime is perfect to slowly but surely break MS control up.

  2. Sporkbox says:

    More importantly, who cares what’s used as the most popular desktop? As far as I’m concerned, as long as GNU/Linux remains a good operating system, I’ll use it. Popularity would ruin GNU/Linux because then all the stupid people would be using it. Let Windows take that portion of the userbase. Please!

  3. Clarence Moon says:

    They are setting a trend

    That would be news to everyone, Mr. Pogson. The facts are that they are not and never will, at least in the kind of time frame allotted to working lives for humans. They are followers, Mr. Pogson.

    The market will give them what they want

    Roger that, and that will be Windows computers as PCs.

  4. oiaohm says:

    Clarence Moon

    The problem is progressive. Linux Netbooks MS lowered price and was able to push those back due to lack of applications on Linux.

    Android tablets on the other hand are a larger problem. We now have bluestacks and others offering Android applications on windows.

    GNU/Linux distrobutions themselves will in time pickup Android. There most likely will be a OS X version as well.

    So the result you wish to release a commercial application Android and OSi versions will be all you need to produce to get 100 percent coverage.

    Some reported “Asus ditches Android for Windows 8 in new Transformer laptop/tablet” They missed that Asus is going all machines with Windows 8 get bluestacks that is Android 4.0 running inside windows. So Asus has not ditched Android.

    This is the problem Android is not going to be pushed back out of way its dug in. Pushing it back as primary OS does not solve the problem.

    Now with android ubuntu hybrids coming what are we going to look at for windows 9.

    As MS found in the battle with OS/2 the cross platform ABI wins out. Win32 due to wine by a lot of companies have been used as a cross platform solution as well.

    Yes oldman is on about it is always about the applications. If you only have to write an android app to cover all windows and android are you going to bother writing a windows only application.

    The Linux netbooks was Linux testing the water. Android is Linux digging in. Once you are dug in far enough you can defeat you enemy.

    Yes supporting android can double you possible market to sell to compared to making just windows alone. Windows is not where the profit will be for application developers.

  5. Clarence Moon wrote, “The conventional wisdom in consumer product marketing is that the third worlders are not the trendsetters and any characteristic adoption of Linux in that quarter might be the final nail in its coffin. “

    Ah, numbers. Do you forget how many people are in India, Africa and China? They are setting a trend. In Africa, they are skipping xbase-T and going directly to wireless and they are using GNU/Linux to maximize their investment in IT. In India and China, 2billion people are potentially independent of US dominated IT in 5-10 years. They are setting a trend. They use more smart thingies than the USA and more x86 PCs. The market will give them what they want not what Wintel wants.

  6. kozmcrae says:

    Viktor demands:

    “More stats, please.”

    You’ve got hands, get them yourself.

  7. Clarence Moon says:

    One of the neat things…

    It seems like an act of desperation, Mr. Pogson. The conventional wisdom in consumer product marketing is that the third worlders are not the trendsetters and any characteristic adoption of Linux in that quarter might be the final nail in its coffin. These phone, tablet, and even notebook geegaws are consumer products, you know.

  8. Viktor says:

    More stats, please. How many students of how many? Oh, right, it doesn’t say in your link. But in your world, when someone’s cousin says “many”, it means: yes, all students are running to their next computer store and beg to have Windows removed.

    You’re a funny man, Pogson.

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