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Windows Update abUsed to Spread Malware

Having a monoculture of M$’s OS on PCs is deadly. M$’s update process was used to ship malware. To do that a fake signature was developed one way or another. Since we now know that USA/Israel cooperated in this, there … Continue reading

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ELCOT PCs Being Stripped of That Other OS

One of the neat things about Google+ is that it’s a global forum where people from everywhere share information. I am keenly interested in how people in diverse lands use GNU/Linux. I have been following the adventures of ELCOT, an … Continue reading

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Intel Classmate PC Approaching 1% of Global PCs

Intel has shipped millions of Classmate PCs and variants. Many of these use GNU/Linux. These, alone, could account for a larger share of PC usage than NetApplications reports. For example, GNU/Linux is very popular in Latin America where 4 million … Continue reading

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iThingies Fall to 14th Place on Walmart’s Best-sellers List

People love small cheap computers. According to Walmart, 13 of the top 14 best-sellers are Android/Linux tablets priced $60-$299 while that other tablet is $399. This reflects the huge advantage FLOSS has on personal computers. There’s no huge licensing fee … Continue reading

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