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Venezuela Bans Firearms

Venezuela has one of the highest murder-rates in the world and firearms are involved often enough. With an election looming the government has decided to ban all private ownership of firearms. That’s a convenient tool of dictators… In any event … Continue reading

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Stuxnet – People Who Live in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones

The USA and Israel are reported to have released Stuxnet malware in Iran and did not intend the malware to escape a secure network. It did and now the world knows that USA has declared war via malware. The problem … Continue reading

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Wintel Prices Itself Out of the Notebook Market

Wintel has tried to upsell notebooks to kill netbooks and promote growth in sales of notebooks but it’s not working. Ultrabooks are doomed to take only a tiny sliver of market-share because they are small but not nearly cheap enough … Continue reading

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Steady Stream of News About FLOSS Usage by Governments in EU

European governments are taking FLOSS seriously. Every day there are new announcements about some law being passed or some IT project being announced for eGovernment that involves FLOSS: US GAO’s Jeanne Holm will give a keynote talk at SEMIC 2012 … Continue reading

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