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Unseating M$

For years I have had visitors to this site repeating how M$ is No. 1 and will never be unseated but it keeps happening… The latest: Gmail’s growth has skyrocketed since its public introduction in 2007, but this year in … Continue reading

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Video, Graphics and GNU/Linux

On my blog a lot of commentators who are fans of M$ begin to harp about how that other OS has huge advantages in choices of applications, graphics and in particular video editing, whenever they are losing an argument. I … Continue reading

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What Next? M$ Installs Skype without consent

What will the innovators at M$ think of next? Having trouble convincing people to try Skype? No problem! Just install it at 3am while they sleep… “Microsoft’s Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) last night deployed a Skype update to Windows … Continue reading

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Chromebooks Get Retail Shelf-Space, Lots of It

I have long seen retail shelf-space as the last frontier for GNU/Linux desktop OS. There have been a few flurries but now Google and others are seriously promoting */Linux on the desktop/notebook/whatever. Google is producing tablets with its brand by … Continue reading

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Competition Bureau Praised In Spite of Doing Nothing About Wintel

The Competition Bureau is supposed to defend the Canadian economy from anti-competitive acts like exclusive dealing, bundling, price-fixing and the like. Despite some good work, the departing chief did nothing about M$ and its “partners” excluding GNU/Linux from retail shelves … Continue reading

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M$’s Desktop Destiny

Gartner is taking credit for advising M$ to shift away from that other OS, NT version, to the new stuff in order to stay relevant. Gartner estimates in ten years almost no one will be running Lose 32 applications. Instead … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Adoption Grew 160 Per Cent In India Last Year

Pronouncements about future growth of Ubuntu GNU/Linux are not based on wishful thinking or tea leaves. Jane Silber has feedback from downloads, updates and OEM shipments to back up huge growth in India as well as China. “We have chosen … Continue reading

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Miracle at Elliot Lake

Tragedy struck a mall at Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada on the weekend. Part of the roof which was also used to park cars crashed down through two stories into the food court on the main floor. It took days to … Continue reading

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Feedback, In Software as Well as In Life, Gets Results

A video documenting a simple problem has gone viral on Youtube. One step from a subway station is a tiny bit higher than others and people following the rhythm of the stairway often trip on it. Bad things Happen. Good … Continue reading

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Client PC Replaces Desktop/Notebook

“in a typical enterprise environment, the 80/20 rule applies when you look at application use and processing power. 80% of the people are using only 20% of the computing power in their machines. If you have any experience in large … Continue reading

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M$ Sees the Writing on the Wall and Applies Rose-coloured Glasses

“Everything used to be desktops, now 60 per cent of PCs sold are laptops. Next year, tablets will outsell desktops," forecast Microsoft’s Antoine Leblond, head of its web services operation.” Of course, they see “8” running those tablets, but that … Continue reading

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UK Cabinet Office: Saving Money By Spending More

The snake charmers from M$ have done it again. M$’s salesmen have convinced the UK Cabinet that money can be saved by spending more. Of course they are comparing projected prices (vapour-prices) versus 1% more than the previous agreement. What … Continue reading

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