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The ARMed Race in IT

Some people think the Android/Linux phenomenon on ARMed CPUs is all about mobility. Mobility is a good fit. Availability of apps is great. The real story, the one we will tell our grandchildren about is ARM taking over on desktop … Continue reading

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Why GNU/Linux for Android is the most important Linux project today

sola writes that Ubuntu GNU/Linux is huge for the future of FLOSS and Linux because of its superior ability to use the power of modern mobile hardware. The same could be said for any GNU/Linux OS. Android/Linux is a commercial … Continue reading

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Microsoft Changes Terms Of Service To Avoid Future Class-Action Suits | TheTechJournal

Non-Free software just got a little less free. M$ and others are putting wording into their licence-agreements that customers cannot file class-action lawsuits. This is another reason never to use non-free software. There’s just no recourse for getting messed up … Continue reading

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The Galician Autonomous Region of Spain has a Plan 2012 to use Free Software

There’s something about Spain… Years ago it was Extremadura switching to GNU/Linux over a weekend, more recently Andalucia switched. Now Galicia is investing nearly €1 million in promotion of FLOSS for business and government. They have already saved €2.5 million … Continue reading

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Catholic Church Make Pact With The Devil

The Catholic church has long ago pioneered education as a means of propagating faith and knowledge. The deal they have made with M$ goes against all that. M$ is all about keeping users of their products in the dark about … Continue reading

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Steve Ballmer Becomes Irrelevant

At a recent event, Ballmer stated that M$ expects “8” to be on 500 million PCs next year. M$ has now made a retraction. The imaginary number is about the possible upgrading of “7” to “8”… Consumers won’t do that … Continue reading

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Why is it that, with seed in the ground, temperatures stay low?

All winter we had above normal temperatures. In the beginning of May, temperatures were much higher and I planted. Now, temperatures are 10°C below normal. tomatoes and peppers are in shock: “You want us to grow in this?” corn has … Continue reading

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Ending Long Gun Registry Act Came Into Force

“PROCLAMATIONS OF CANADA AND ORDERS IN COUNCIL RELATING TO THE COMING INTO FORCE OF ACTS — 30 JANUARY, 2012 TO 25 APRIL, 2012 Coming into Force Canada Gazetter Part II Ending the Long-gun Registry Act, S.C. 2012, c. 6, the … Continue reading

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More Signs of Crumbling Monopoly at M$

Changes at M$ are not just about the next step on the Wintel treadmill: M$’s office suite may be released for iOS and Android/Linux… M$’s OS will rely less on re-re-reboots and more on intelligent behaviour… M$’s OS will rely … Continue reading

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I have been working with the family to clean/repair/maintain the old homestead. I have been reliving memories of 20+ years ago when I was young and strong and raising a family. Here’s a picture of me on a swing I … Continue reading

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Greek municipality of Pilea-Hortiatis migrating to LibreOffice | Joinup

~130 PCs switching to LibreOffice may not amount to much but it’s important as an example to other small organizations in education, government and business. It’s just silly to spend far more than the cost of FLOSS for software. I … Continue reading

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VIA Launches its Own Small Cheap Computer

Well, it’s actually just a motherboard but it looks more like an x86 ITX motherboard than an ARMed thingy but it is a step up on smart phones and the like with only one USB ports. This thing has 4 … Continue reading

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